Delivering 4,670% Return on Investment with a Small Catering Business

Delicious Catering is a mobile catering service based in Perth, Western Australia that facilitates the delivery of high quality food for birthdays, weddings, and corporate events across a range of venues. Through mutual connections, the business came to us, wanting to trial social media advertising in order to increase bookings at one of their locations.

As we do with all of our clients, we conducted an initial consultation in order to understand the functionality of the business. This included collecting details on the target audience, and looking into the potential ways we could assist in the growth of the business. From this, we conducted further market research to nail down a list of preliminary interests to be utilised as part of our marketing strategy.

Next, it was time to create the ad creative and copy. Fortunately, Delicious Catering was able to provide high-quality images from previous events. We employed our graphic design expertise, overlaying text, and a clean customised logo, designed specifically for the venue. Seeing as Delicious Catering is focused more so on the delivery of high quality food for events, we created the separate custom venue logo to draw awareness to the venue itself.

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For the ad copy, our aim was to get the essential information across in the most effective manner. To do this, we used the following:

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We won’t go into the nuances of how the specific word choices and sentence structure aid in making this a successful copy as we want to keep this post short and sweet.

Following the finalisation of the ad copy, we decided that in order to improve the return on ad spend, it was crucial that potential customers could see the venue and the experience associated with it before getting in contact or making a booking. To accomplish this, we created a simple landing page on WordPress that was solely dedicated to the venue location as well as the catering included with it, marketing it as a one-stop, ready to go service. A few screenshots from the site can be seen below.

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Finally, we were ready to publish the ads. We created 1 Top of Funnel campaign optimised for clicks, with 7 ad sets to compare each interest and nail down on the most profitable audience. After 1 week of testing, we already had two bookings with a cost of $46 per booking. Taking into account the average profit margin from each booking, this worked out to be a 46 ROI. That is, for every dollar spent on advertising, the business made $46.70 back.

If you have any questions or want to get involved in marketing your business, get in contact with our team today and let’s grow it together.

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